Are You The Leadership Nut?

Aloha Friends, I was listening lately to John Wooden, for those of you who don’t know who Coach Wooden is. Well, here’s some info: Basketball coach for UCLA Won 10 NCAA national championships over 12 year period, seven of which were consecutive At UCLA, he coached Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton If you consider [...]


Who is the leader? – Lessons from Deepwater Horizon

Aloha Friends,   I am often told by entrepreneurs/team managers that they are challenged in getting  their team/staff to take any initiative or make decisions easily. I believe this is the result of our understanding of leadership. More often than not, when I present the subject of leadership to a person or a group, they [...]

wax on wax off

Le Leadership de M Myagi

Aloha les amis, Avez-vous déjà abandonner? Moi oui. Souvent. Diète. Exercice. Lecture de livre. Bref trop de choses à énumérer dans ce blogue qui se doit d’être court. 😉 Dans mon cheminement jusqu’à présent, je me suis demandé comment les super leaders n’abandonnent pas? Est-ce qu’ils ne rencontrent pas d’obstacles? N’essuient-ils pas des échecs? Sont-ils [...]

wax on wax off

Wax On. Wax Off Leadership

Aloha Friends, Have you ever quit? Well I have many times in fact. Too many to cover into this one short blog and bore you with the details. 😉 In my journey to date, I have often wondered how super leaders do not quit. Do they not suffer setbacks? Don’t they encounter challenges? Are they [...]

Albert Einstein

What does Influence have to do with Leadership?

Aloha Friends! What does leadership mean? Webster tells us it is 'the power or ability to lead other people'. I like the word ability more than Power. True leadership I have found over the years in working with leaders and studying leaders stem from not from power but the ability to lead. What is it [...]

Baby Elephant

What The Elephant Taught Me About Leadership.

Aloha Friends, As you know Leadership is a passion of mine. I have had many leaders over my journey both in my professional career and personal life, some good, some bad and some great. I am blessed to being mentored by the number one leadership expert in the world, my friend John C. Maxwell and I [...]


The 3 Common Mistakes made on Leadership

Aloha Friends! In working with my clients, I have uncovered the 3 common mistakes most people make on Leadership. I know your time is valuable so, here they are right off the bat: Leaders need followers Leaders are born Leaders have titles I have received feedback from some of you about the length of my [...]


How Achievers Create Habits That Stick

Aloha Friends, You have heard about the monumental Discipline Achievers possess. They have reached the highest level of performance by maintaining a simple set of routines and being relentless in their execution.  It has been said they have built HABITS. So it seems that performing at a high level requires one to simply maintain a set of habits, right? [...]


Why Achievers do not quit

Aloha Friends, In our last post, we had shared the staggering numbers of people that quit. Why is that? Some don’t even start. Astonished by this number I set out to determine what was the root cause of this. Was there a scientific answer and what hacks are available to help you reach your resolution this year? The [...]


How do Achievers not loose track on their way to success?

Aloha Friends! We are more than 15 days into 2015. How have your faired on your New Year’s Resolution? Based on statistics , 1/3 of people who made a resolution will make it past 1 month. Consider that only 45% make New Year’s Resolution, that number is quite startling. This means that out of 10 [...]