Be An Eternal Apprentice

Aloha Friends, This past week the movie The Founder was released. If you are not familiar with it, it is the story of Ray Kroc and how he came across the Mc Donalds brothers restaurant in San Bernadino and grew it to the giant Fast Food chain we now know as Mc Ds. John Maxwell [...]


Leadership Through The Art of Espresso

Aloha Friends, Happy National Espresso Day!   Did you get your morning espresso yet? There was a time when Starbucks was not a household name. When I first started in 1995, Starbucks had about 600 stores in North America, it was a big enterprise but not the behemoth it is today. As we grew, led [...]

How did a mouse lead towards exponential growth?

Aloha Friends, the title might be bit misleading but stay with me a little while. Today marks Mickey Mouse’s 88 Bday. What a legacy he has left us, wouldn’t you agree? Although Mickey did not really lead Disney’s meteoric growth as it expanded towards Florida, Walt’s leadership was instrumental in accomplishing the BAMDIGIOUS Vision of [...]